Safety First! Every Female Needs to Know These Tips When Traveling Solo

You are taking the big step and want to plan a solo journey? You are a female and are not sure what you need to have a successful safe trip full of memories? We are there with some advice. You can make amazing memories travelling solo, you can meet locals, push your inner limits and go out of your comfort zone. It’s an empowering experience that many women talk about online. Get inspired, read blogs, and ask questions on forums. As much as there are good sides to solo travelling as a female, there are also downsides that you should keep in mind. If you go abroad, people and culture can be different and it’s good to prepare for all different scenarios. Let’s get you started!

A copy of all your documents

This could be applied to any travel, solo or not, female or not. Do have a copy of all important documents! Scan them and make sure you upload them on a drive you can have access to if necessary.

To feel safer, you can also keep a printed copy of all the essential documents: passport, ID, flight ticket, and hotel booking. It’s better to be safe than sorry if your phone dies on you or if you lose your bag.

Safety gear

When abroad, a country can be very different from the one you have been used to. The economy and situation of the country might be very different. We would recommend you make research beforehand and refrain from taking unnecessary risks.

In order to feel safer and be safer, you can find online pepper spray, alarms, and other devices to defend yourself. Compare their features, and prices and find the one you feel the more comfortable with. Again, it’s better to feel safer and think of the worst-case scenarios.

Feminine hygiene products

You might have planned your trip on specific dates knowing you won’t be on your period. Smart and a good way to avoid any period’s related troubles. On some other trips or if you travel for a long period of time, you will find yourself having your periods.

Always get some feminine hygiene products in your bag just in case. You might even have someone asking you for one. You can also invest in a long-term product like a cup, it might even be easier when travelling. So, you don’t have to worry at all about buying or having enough pads.

Cash stash

Have a small stash on you. At all times. Put a small amount of money just to get by in case something happens, you can also put your passport in it if it fits. There are many models, fabrics and a range of prices you can find.

They are usually attached around your waist, very discreet and tight. You can trust that it won’t fall off. Don’t show it to people and try to be in private when you get some money off it, like in a bathroom. Never too safe when it comes to money.

Backup charger

Taking a lot of pictures? Have Google Maps open to guide you around the city? It does consume a lot of battery. You can either carry your charger in your bag and try finding some plugs in coffee shops or restaurants.

You can also get a power bank. It’s easy to carry in your bag and you don’t have to plug it anywhere meaning you can carry on with your sightseeing. Don’t forget to charge it after the end of the day. Power banks last long and are affordable.


When travelling solo, you might be going around a lot, changing accommodations, and taking buses, and trains. It’s easier to carry a backpack rather than a suitcase. It also forces you to take only the essentials and not outfits you won’t wear.

Backpacks are also practical. Put everything you need in it; it puts the weight on your back rather than your arms. You can put it at the front if you want to have your eyes on it in a crowd. What do you think?

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