Traveling with Kids: Tips for a Smooth Family Vacation

Embarking on a family vacation with kids is an arduous task that requires a lot of planning and, most importantly, patience. From the chaotic packing to endless requests for snacks and thousands of “Are we there yet?” from your toddlers, family vacations are no joke! We have compiled some tricks to transform your usual chaotic vacation into a smooth and enjoyable one for you and your kids.

Turn Their Constant ‘I’m Bored’ into ‘I’m Onboard’ With This Simple Trick

Most items required for this DIY board game can be purchased from your nearest dollar store. Get a wide metal plate or tray, glued magnet straps (the metal strips will stick the pieces and strips to the tray), LEGO pieces, and mini puzzle bits.

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Attach the magnet strips to each LEGO box and puzzle bit, then place them randomly on the metal plates. Give your kids mid-journey and tell them to solve the puzzle and arrange the LEGO pieces.

This Trick Protects Your Kids and Makes You Feel Like an FBI Agent

Kids believe the airport is the perfect spot for some hide and seek. Outsmart them with an AirTag wristwatch that doubles as a fashion watch and a tracking device. Simply purchase an Apple AirTag tracker and an AirTag wristband on Amazon.

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Place the Apple Airtag into the wristband and connect to your Apple device. Secure the wristband onto your child’s arm tightly or put the tags in their dress or backpack. The tags give a precise location to track your kids in crowded areas.

Squabbling over screen time? Create Harmony With This Simple Device

If you worry about how your kids will share one gadget during the trip, purchase a headphone splitter that allows two or more people access to the gadget. A headphone splitter is a wire connector that shares the sound with different earpieces or headphones.

Courtesy: JASCO

Get a multi-compatible headphone connector and plug it into the device. Plug your other headphone jacks into the multiple outlets, secure them tightly, and distribute the connected headphones to your kids.

Give yourself a Mini-Vacation in Your Vacation With This Trick

Many parents dream of a vacation without their kids, but it seems like a fantasy. Well, you can enjoy some intimate time with your partner on vacation by requesting a babysitter. Many hotels offer babysitting as a service for parents with kids for an extra fee.

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Ensure you research thoroughly or ask the staff of your desired hotel if babysitting is offered. If they do, verify the babysitter’s legitimacy before booking by looking at the previous reviews left behind by parents.

Reduce Your Kid’s Screentime by Providing a Bubbly Travel-tainment

This Bubble trick is another way to get your gets engaged without increasing their screen time. This trick will keep them busy during road trips and save you from their thousands of “Whys.”

Courtesy: Tiktok@mothercould

All you need is a bubble stick and your car’s AC vent. Turn on the AC and blow some bubbles while facing the AC to disperse the bubbles. Direct the AC vents away from the driver as they blow the bubbles to prevent distraction.

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