Avoid the Lines: Tips For Traveling During the High Season

We tend to all have the same calendar, especially if we have kids. They all have the same vacations, which can be for the best and the worst. When planning a vacation, you might struggle to find any available seat on a plane or hotel and pay an atrocious price simply because it’s the high season. Most of the time, this is not worth it, especially if you have seen the destination on social media. Instagram and TikTok often show us the fun sides of things without showing us the long queues and the sweat from being around people all day in a rural area. Here is some guidance to avoid the crowds but still enjoy traveling during the high season.


Capital cities are always busy – especially big ones like London, Istanbul, and Paris– but during high season, it can be suffocating. Capital cities are urban zones, with all concrete making it hotter and unbearable! Any green or shaded area will be absolutely packed.

Plus, it can be impossible to find affordable accommodations. They are often completely full and you might just be stuck with terrible options to choose from. There are plenty of other cities in a country you can travel to during the high season.


This depends on which side of the world you are traveling to and from. Some countries with beautiful blue oceans and seaside will be flooded with families and tourists during summer break. We think about Turkey, Greece, Mexico, and Italy.

We recommend you try avoiding the big resorts or cities – choose maybe a more atypical or countryside type of city on the coast but not as well-known. They are often more affordable, quieter, and just as beautiful! No need to wake up at 5 am to find a spot at the beach.

Instagram destinations

Remember that social media only shows what they want, which is the beautiful side of things rather than the reality. This leads many people to visit the same places which end up being crowded and even disappointing sometimes!

Don’t do that to yourself. Millions of people browse their social media daily and see the same content as you. This is why although it inspires you for your vacation, we wouldn’t recommend you to head there during the high season.

Keep your eye on the calendar and deals

Have you ever wondered why it’s the high season? Not only because the weather is at its best, but often it coincides with the summer holidays when all students are done with the year and have a lot of free time.

What is the best time to vacation? By keeping an eye on dates that are slightly off the student’s holidays, you can avoid the crowds, enjoy the high season, AND have better prices. Indeed, companies will try to fill their planes and hotels as they can. Good thing for you!

Go far away

High season means off-season for some countries. When it’s summer in one place, it’s winter somewhere else. You can easily find this on the internet; use that information to plan your future vacation.

You can travel and avoid all the packed tourist destinations if you travel to countries that have now seen their high season ending. This might be less glamorous, but it doesn’t mean that it will be cold or boring. On the contrary!

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