Phone, Keys, Passport: The Ultimate Traveling Checklist

Underwear: check. Sunglasses: check. Passports: oh no, oops. We are all looking forward to our vacation abroad to the extent we pre-plan our entire literary from the best restaurants, our hotel’s view, and even bathroom breaks. It’s easy to forget about the true essentials for traveling. When it comes to clothing and toiletries, you can probably buy them locally if you have forgotten anything. Many things are available at the local supermarket, and you might do without for a few days. But if you forget your passport and medicine, then it will be a bit of a mess! Don’t let it happen. We have prepared you with essential things to check before you leave for your trip abroad. Keep on reading and make sure everything is ticked off the list before leaving.

Copy of your documents

It is essential to have your documents copied and available on a secured cloud. Make also sure that they are still valid for the length of your trip. You never know what can happen; should anything happen, you are safe.

You can also have a printed copy. This can be helpful if you have to prove your identity to the embassy. Make sure you have done it for your personal documents and the ones for your trip, such as hotel booking, plane tickets, etc.

Adaptors and cables

You will get to your room, get comfortable, and lay on the bed with your phone charger seeking a plug. You’ll realize that it’s not the same one as yours. This is a very common mistake. Many hotels do have the option to charge with a USB cable.

This doesn’t help if you are looking to plug in your hair straightener or any other non-USB-cable device. Research to see if you need a plug adaptor or just don’t bring devices that need to be plugged in.


This is crucial, especially if you are not traveling alone. Make sure you are sure of the flight time, and how long it will take you to get there and to check in with security. The plane will not wait for you, so make sure you will be on time.

Account for your travel companion too! Clearly communicate the day and time. This won’t be the time for miscommunication. Try planning ahead as well what happens once you land. Will buses still run? When is the hotel check-in?


If you are taking any treatment, make sure that you have enough of it, maybe even some extra, in case anything happens. Make also sure that you can actually take it with you abroad. Some medications need a special note from the doctor.

Regulations for medications are different from one country to another. You might not be able to take them in your cabin bag. Better be sure about it beforehand. Always take some general medicine as well in case of a tummy ache or headache.


Some countries have completely adopted contactless phone payments and contactless cards. It’s so convenient and easy. You tap and go! Bear in mind that abroad you might need a visa card or any kind of card that can be used internationally.

Be sure it is activated and secured so you can use it in the country without difficulties. If you can, get some local currencies. It’s always safer to have cash if your phone dies, you forget your wallet or a place doesn’t take card payments.

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