Travels Are About to Become More Exciting in 2024! Here Are the Biggest Trends For the New Year

Regardless of whatever you’re traveling for, traveling is an adventure in itself. There are many experiences that most travelers can relate to, and this has brought about different travel tips and trends over the years. Well, 2024 won’t be an exception as far as travel trends are concerned. This article is about the biggest travel trends to expect in the coming year.

Private group travel

Since the pandemic, the need to spend quality time with friends and loved ones has increased drastically. People are now becoming more interested in enjoying special moments with friends and family.

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In 2024, people will embark on private group journeys to several locations across the globe. While it’s still a private journey because the trip is for close acquaintances, it remains a group trip because it involves a group of people.

Skip-gen Travel

This is another interesting trend that we can’t wait to follow once the new year arrives. Skip-gen travel simply means grandparents and their grandkids spending time together.

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The word ‘skip’ describes the fact that these grandparents are skipping a generation by hanging out with their grandkids instead of their kids. Who doesn’t enjoy learning some old hacks and jokes from their grandparents?


You’ve probably guessed the meaning of this trend from its name- it’s a vacation to cooler places. For most people, traveling in the summer means seeking out the warmest locations to hit the sands. Well, that will change in 2024.

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Instead of looking for the warmest places, people are now planning to go in the opposite direction: cooler destinations. Coolcations offer the benefit of less crowded destinations and lower expenses.

Wild feasting

Wild feasting is a promising travel trend that allows you to bring out your inner caveman tendencies. As the name suggests, wild feasting means experiencing delicacies in natural environments.

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In 2024, people will begin to shift towards culinary experiences, savoring different local delicacies in natural environments. The whole essence of this trend is to have fun with different meals in an outdoor setting.

Sports tourism

If you’re a sports enthusiast, this trend is the best for you this coming year. Gone are those days when only people in the sports industry moved from place to place for the sake of experiencing different sports events.

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In 2024, get ready to follow different sports activities in destinations across the world. Aside from the spontaneity, the thrill of cheering your favorite sportsmen live is worth it! It’s a wonderful experience.

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