Activity Checklist: The Best Things to Do in Copenhagen for an Unforgettable Trip

You may have heard that there is always something to do in the famous capital of Denmark, a.k.a Copenhagen. Well, that’s the simple truth about this beautiful holiday destination. From hot tubs to lush gardens and famed restaurants, Copenhagen has many attractions for its visitors. Whether you’re planning an adventurous or cozy stay, these are the five best things to do in Copenhagen.

Enjoy skiing and food at Refshaleøen

Refshaleøen is one of the best places to head to on your Danish trip because it offers more than a single experience. You could head over to CopenHill for a skiing adventure and more.

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The island is also home to many famous restaurants like Amass and Alchemist. If you want to avoid the crowd without missing out on the exotic delicacies, you could go to Lille Bakery. You’re likely to go there again before heading home!

Bike on the bridges

If you’re an adventurous tourist, the new bridges in Copenhagen give you the chance to flex your muscles. Aside from the bike ride itself, you can also experience the city’s beauty from different angles.

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You could start by riding south along the Cykelslangen(which literally means bike snake) and getting to the other side of the harbor. From Olafur Eliasson’s Circle Bridge to the harbor along the Inderhavnsbroen (the kissing bridge), many routes promise an unforgettable adventure.

Get a dose of the culture at the Rosenborg Castle

The Rosenborg Castle was originally built to be a royal summer house and dates back to 1606. Built by the famous Scandinavian king, Christian IV, the castle is a monument filled with artworks and other treasures.

Courtesy: Outdooractive

You should visit the king’s living areas and private writing cabinet. The coronation thrones at the Knight’s Hall and the amazing Venetian glass collection will give you a glimpse of the life of past Danish royalty.

Explore the unconventional structure of Cisternerne

Cisternerne is one of the most famous destinations in the city. The cistern is an extension of the Frederiksberg Museums and serves as an exhibition location. However, the cistern itself is worth seeing.

Courtesy: Visit Copenhagen

The cryptic underground cave is the only dripstone cave in the whole of Denmark, which is a major highlight that you shouldn’t miss. Although a museum now fills the cistern, it used to be a reservoir containing 16 million liters of water.

A visit to Copenhagen is incomplete without this harbor

The most iconic landmark in the Danish capital, Nyhavn, is a harbor dating back to the 17th century. It offers a fusion of historical culture and mouth-watering food.

Courtesy: Daily Scandinavian

The port is lined with several seafood restaurants that will leave you hungry for more. There are also wooden ships and multicolored townhouses showing a bit of the city’s history. You could also go across the bridge in Christianshavn to explore the oldest parts of the city.

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