Celebrating Halloween In These Places Is The Definition Of ‘Spooky’

Candy and Halloween pranks might be fun, but have you ever considered having an authentic Halloween experience? The holiday is known for a blend of horror and excitement, but you should no longer celebrate it like kids. The best way to enjoy your next Halloween holiday is to hop on a plane with your friends and family and visit these spooky places. They promise to give you first-class thrills. Here are five of them.

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you flip through history, you will realize that Halloween started in Edinburgh, Scotland, as the Samhain festival. Over the years, the Scottish people have continued to celebrate this day with a parade that appeases the gods of summer and winter.

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You should not see the underground vaults unless fear has nothing on you. All you need to know about these vaults is that people who enter return differently. You should travel to Edinburgh to discover whether it’s a fact or a myth.

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

When the place Salem is mentioned, it is always associated with witches. Salem has a rich history of being the prominent coven of over a thousand witches, holding their meetings and carrying out their spooky witch activities.

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Today, the people of Salem still hold on to this tradition. If you visit Salem during Halloween, prepare for a whole month of witchery. You will experience witch fairs and even have your future looked into by psychics.

The Island of Dolls, Mexico

If you have never had the feeling of a thousand eyes watching you, then you should visit this island for the next Halloween. With very few lives inhabiting this place, it is made up of tall trees with creepy dolls hanging from them.

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The locals say that the dolls whisper to visitors; if you are quiet enough, you will hear their message. If you choose to visit this island, ensure you carry a gift along to appease the dolls, or your return might need to be safer.

Palermo, Italy

If you don’t have guts, then do not visit this place. You can visit Palermo any time of the year, but if you want the ideal three hours of creepiness and horror, see it on Halloween day.

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While some islands have dolls staring at you, Palermo has catacombs that hold the bodies of people who have passed on to other life years ago. It is like a dwelling place for corpses that still have their eyes open, a few hairs on patches of their skin, and intact skeletons.

Sleepy Hollow, New York, USA

Sleepy Hollow derived its name from a myth that has become a legend. It is a story about headless horse riders- you don’t need a prediction to know the spooky aura here is ten out of ten.

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However, the locals of Sleepy Hollow have taken it upon themselves to celebrate this tale for a month during Halloween. It features fairs and supposedly headless horse riders in beautiful parades. It’s a perfect synergy of beauty, fun, and thrills.

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