Trick-or-Treating Is Top Tier In Some Places; Discover the Best Cities for This Halloween Tradition

While several cities celebrate the popular Halloween festival, some cities radiate the spooky vibe more than others. In these Halloween-loving cities or towns, the festival is taken seriously. You can hardly pass a house without a spooky door wreath or decor. Here are five cities or towns where Halloween is taken seriously- they are the best places to go trick-or-treating.

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is one of the best places to go trick-or-treating in the United States. Different activities in the city reflect how much the locals enjoy the Halloween festival. The bats at Peabody Essex Museum are just one of many proofs.

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There is an annual Halloween celebration called the Haunted Happenings. It involves hundreds of thousands of revelers attending parades and parties in Witch City. Could trick-or-treating ever be uneventful here?

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Many don’t know that Sleepy Hollow isn’t just a fictional town; well, it is. Halloween in Sleepy Hollow is a big deal- it always features a visit from the headless horseman on a local level. Of course, that’s not the main spooky highlight.

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In Sleepy Hollow, you can always participate in street fairs, haunted hayrides, parades, and tours of Gothic cemeteries. The Great Jack O’ Lantern, a display of over 7,000 carved lanterns, is also a popular highlight. Trick-or-treating here is the real spooky deal.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you don’t have the nerve for more spooky locations like Sleepy Hollow but want to enjoy your trick-or-treat experience, Milwaukee is your best shot. It gives you a more laid-back Halloween experience without leaving out the fun.

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Milwaukee is such a good place to go trick-or-treating as there are several 50s-era homes to visit. Especially if you’re going with much younger kids and you don’t want scary stuff in their goody bag, head over to Milwaukee.

Baltimore, Maryland

Forget about the fact that you enjoy trick-or-treating; it’s an activity for kids. This makes Baltimore a suitable place for this Halloween culture- there are other kid-friendly activities aside from trick-or-treating.

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There is always a Halloween Lantern Parade where kids can show off their spooky costumes. However, this doesn’t mean the trick-or-treat experience here isn’t impressive. Renaissance Revival homes that offer amazing treats for kids surround the area.

Anoka, Minnesota

Have you heard of the ‘Halloween capital of the world?’; well, that’s Anoka’s self-acclaimed title. Almost all of the 18,000 residents of Anoka join in on every Halloween activity- and we’re talking about lots of activities.

Courtesy: Anoka Halloween

From spooky house decorating contests to the Gray Ghost Run and several parades, these activities also involve kids. So, if you’re planning to go trick-or-treating in Anoka, be prepared for other Halloween activities.

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