This Gelato Shop Always Has a Line Down the Block At All Its International Locations

Anita Gelato stands as a renowned and esteemed gelato shop, captivating the hearts and palates of connoisseurs in the realm of frozen delights. Nestled in the bustling streets of Manhattan (along with several other International locations), this iconic establishment has cultivated an impeccable reputation for its unparalleled commitment to crafting artisanal gelato of the highest quality. With a tradition steeped in Israeli heritage and a dedication to utilizing only the finest ingredients, Anita Gelato has become a veritable haven for those seeking an exceptional experience. Each meticulously handcrafted scoop boasts a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas, elevating the art of gelato-making to an extraordinary level of sensory bliss.

3 Years And The Line Outside The Store Is Still The Same

When we say that New Yorkers absolutely love Anita Gelato, we actually mean it! If you’re still skeptical about their quality, just pay a visit to their store and you’ll be greeted by a long queue.

Credit: ANITA’s Gelato

Although it has been three years since the first store was opened, the long lines outside the store have not changed one bit!

Ice Cream Vs Gelato

In case this came out as a surprise to you, yes, ice cream and gelato are two very different desserts, although they seem pretty much the same.

Credit: ANITA’s Gelato

Gelato uses more milk to cream ratio than most ice creams and therefore not only does it not become solid when frozen, but it is also considered a healthier option out of the two.

From A Cozy Mediterranean Kitchen To World Famous Gelatos

The store’s original roots date back almost 20 years in a small Mediterranean kitchen where Mama Anita made some of the most delicious desserts the locals had ever tasted.

Credit: ANITA’s Gelato

Gradually, the business picked up momentum and now there are several Anita’s Gelato outlets spread all over the world. But one thing that remains the same to this day is; the queue outside!

Over 150 Flavors To Choose From

“Having a sweet tooth” would be a very basic generalization in the gelato business. Therefore, ANITA’s Gelato offers over 150 different flavors of gelatos, frozen yogurts, and sorbets to satiate whatever type of sweet tooth you’ve got.

Credit: ANITA’s Gelato

From Madagascar Vanilla to Belgian Chocolate, we’re sure you are gonna have a tough time deciding which flavor to choose from when so many options are available!

Wildly Popular And Rapidly Expanding

ANITA’s Gelatos are probably some of the most famous frozen dessert brands that you’ll come across. Those who have tasted their gelatos have never gone back to other brands.

Credits: ANITA’s Gelato

The company is constantly expanding and has plans to expand its outlets to several other major cities of the world. You might see one in your neighborhood soon!


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