Disney Tourism Dos and Don’ts: These Tips and Hacks Will Help You Make the Best of Your Disney Trip

A visit to Disney is always a magical experience, regardless of which activities you spent time on and which attraction you missed. However, some dos and don’ts can make your trip more time-saving and cost-effective. You’ll be amazed by the difference these tips make when you use them on your next Disney trip. 

You’ll never regret being nice

Just like employees at any other organization, Disney employees are doing their respective jobs while attending to different people’s needs. This is more than enough reason for you to be nice to them if you want their help- and you always will.

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Since they are always there, Disney employees can help you understand how something works or what time an event starts. They could even offer you valuable recommendations- all you have to do is speak to them nicely.

Don’t hesitate to claim what you like

One common mistake Disney tourists make (and later regret) is not buying something they like. Many people do this because they assume the next shop will have the same souvenir- only to discover their mistake too late.

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Some products are limited to a particular location or are fast-selling, so if you don’t buy them immediately, they’ll get snagged by other tourists in no time. If a Disney souvenir catches your eye, buy it there and then.

Don’t fall into the water bottle trap

Although it might seem like an insignificant expense, the cost of water bottles at Disney can pile up to a high amount, especially if you’re going with your kids or in the summer when you need two to three bottles. The worst part is that they are single-use bottles.

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The best plan is to bring your water bottle to the parks. If the weight of a filled bottle will be a problem, you could bring it empty and fill it at any of the water fountains. You could also ask for a free cup of ice water at any quick-service food spot.

Save time by working against the traffic

Of course, it’s logical for you to leave your home or hotel very early for the most popular attractions. The issue is that most people are also making the same plans- and that’s why there are always crowds.

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To avoid crowds and the scorching afternoon sun, wait until later in the evening to visit the popular places. Most people will be watching nighttime shows, so the probability of being disturbed is extremely low. Besides, the night view is mesmerizing.

Cut down your wait time at restaurants

Since many people visit parks, restaurants are crowded almost every time. People often have to wait for long periods before they can sit down for their meals. Well, you can avoid that too.

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Make reservations ahead of time so you don’t have to waste your exploration time waiting at a restaurant. Another alternative is to go to restaurants before or after typical mealtimes, as they tend to be less crowded at those times.

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