Iconic Monuments: Visiting These European Castles Is Equivalent To Sitting Through A History Class

Buildings are one of the survivors of historical periods; they tell us so much about the happenings in a particular place, from alliances and vendettas to wars and architecture. You’ll agree with us that castles are fascinating to look at. Their unique designs and architecture make us imagine living in them. Here are five European castles that let you feel all the palace vibes.

Pena Palace

Located in Portugal, this 19th-century castle is one of the most frequented- and there’s good reason for that, aside from the fact that it’s just 45 minutes away from Lisbon. The castle has a beautiful and colorful exterior that makes you think of Disney.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

The towers are colored pink and yellow- so you get why we say it looks like a Disney castle. As for the interior of this castle, the all-white reception room and detailed designs of Queen Amelia’s apartments will blow your mind.

The Château de Chambord

Located in France, this palace was constructed during the reign of the young King Francois I in 1519. The palace was built around a forest filled with wild boar and was not planned to be a long-term residence.

Courtesy: Chambord

However, King Francois I valued the palace and often showed it as a symbol of his power to ambassadors. The Château wasn’t completed during the king’s reign, but it remains one of the surviving historical monuments in France(without major modifications).

The Neuschwanstein Castle

This castle in Germany reminds us of how much some public figures love private lives. This castle was built in the early 80s by the shy King Ludwig II as a private space. Well, it became public after his death.

Courtesy: Britannica

In 1886, weeks after the monarch’s death, the ‘castle of the fairy-tale king’ became open for people to visit and admire. With over 1.4 million visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle, it is one of the most popular castles in Europe.

The Alcazar of Segovia

Located in Spain, this castle is a stone fortress in the old city of Segovia. The castle is famous for its unique shape; it looks like the bow of a ship. It isn’t just a regular castle; it has distinctive designs worth seeing.

Courtesy: Britannica

Although it was originally built as a fortress, it also served as a state prison, royal palace, military academy, and Royal Artillery College since its construction. It’s not surprising that it was one of the castles that inspired Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

Windsor Castle

Of course, we wouldn’t wrap this up without mentioning the famous Windsor Castle. Located in England, this castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world- it has been in existence for about a thousand years, literally.

Courtesy: Windsor Great Park

Spanning about 13 acres of land, Windsor Castle was the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen. The castle houses famous monuments like St. George’s Chapel and the Magnificent State Apartments.

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