Want to Feel the Magic of Christmas? Staying at These Hotels Will Immerse You in the Christmas Spirit

The sparkling and jolly decorations we see everywhere signal to us that Christmas is near. It’s a special time we enjoy spending time with our families and loved ones. One major way we enjoy this festive period is by going on vacations. Looking to get away while still celebrating Christmas traditions? Here are five beautifully decorated luxury hotels around the world that you can visit this Christmas.

The Fife Arms

This amazing hotel is located in Braemar, Scotland. It has everything to make your vacation worthwhile. A 19th-century-themed retreat, fishing, hiking, foraging, and antiques are available at this luxury resort. It’s about 15 kilometers away from the Scotland Royal Family residence at Balmoral.


In terms of decorations, the Fife Arms doesn’t disappoint during the Christmas season. With huge adorned trees in the reception and natural wreaths on the stairs, you’ll be basking in the magic of Christmas. Rooms at this hotel cost about $600 per night.

Ojai Valley Inn

What’s not to love in California? The Ojai Valley Inn is a place to visit if you want a warm Christmas. It offers full luxury to visitors. Everything you can think of is available on this 220-acre resort: exclusive spa treatments, yoga, and even outdoor sports like golf and tennis. 

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At the Ojai Valley Inn, there are lots of fun activities during Christmas. Apart from massive decorations with Christmas trees, a life-size gingerbread house, and lights everywhere, guests can enjoy breakfast with Santa Claus, lights festivals, and more. Lodging at this hotel costs about $645 per night.

The Langham

The Langham is a grand hotel located in London, United Kingdom. This grand 5-star luxury hotel is a top choice for vacations in London. Its famed award-winning bars, historic buildings, full-service spa, and free internet, amongst others, make it one of the best to visit.

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During the Christmas season, the Langham’s lobby is lit with fairy lights. Furthermore, Christmas trees are placed in every room and everywhere around the hotel. The average cost of staying in this luxurious hotel is about $700 per night.

Willard InterContinental

The Willard InterContinental is located in Washington, close to the White House. This luxury hotel is known for its high-standard facilities like restaurants, full-service spas, luxury shops, and the popular Round Robin bar.

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During the Christmas season at Willard InterContinental, a 14-foot Christmas tree adorned with White House ornaments is placed in the reception area. There is also a free musical performance every night. The average cost of staying at this hotel is $490 per night.

Mandarin Oriental

Paris is a city of class, and the Mandarin Oriental is an attestation to that. This hotel indulges guests with luxuries like private balconies, different suite options, personal photoshoots, and VIP shopping experiences. Well, there’s more for Christmas.

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For the Christmas season, the entire city of Paris becomes brighter; at the Mandarin Oriental, the courtyards’ entrances are decorated with a shower of stars and trees. The rooms are also decorated for the season. Staying at this hotel costs about $1,800 per night.

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